America’s Got Gimmicks in SL

I was notified of a talent competition in SL, so I decided to enter, thinking I could perform an original track while my avatar stood there with his instruments. Maybe the visual experience isn’t very stimulating, but the audio experience would be. After all, I took the last two days out of my life to work on a KILLER audio track to perform for them. Of all the facets of SL, one would think that musical performance would constitute as a legitimate source of SL talent, right? Wrong.

Apparently they want to prevent any RL kinds of talent from entering the competition – sorry to break the news to all of you basket weavers. To me, this whole competition is only using 3 dimensions. What do i mean only? Well, we have the building axis (3D), then we have audio (another dimension all together), and video, which adds two more axes to the collection. That means they are using three out of six available dimensions from SL. This competition should be called “America’s Got Half-Assed Talent in SL.” If they wanted to make this a building and scripting competition, they should have called it that!

From this video, it looks like people are going to make their avatars do circus tricks and whatnot. There’s music playing in the background, which kind of threw me off too. Is this what they are looking for? A bunch of SL gimmicks? “I can multiply my avatar and make Flaming Moe 1-5 go get coffee at SLbucks while Moes 6-10 build a house, 11-15 make a HUD radar, and 16-3000 play SLingo.”

I was hoping this was it – this was a lucky break. I should have known better. It was too good to be true. They don’t care about promoting real, useful talent. They want to promote Second Life to draw more attention to it.

Second Tense: America’s Got Talent in SL by NBC and IVM


Virtual Galveston – A RL resort using Second Life for marketing purposes

Virtual Galveston

Galveston is now hosting live concerts featuring:

  • Anakin Gallacher
  • Heath Elvehjem
  • Cylindrian Rutabaga
  • Ankari Holder
  • myself