A Going Away Present

Since I’m leaving for six months, I thought I’d give everyone something to listen to while I’m gone. The following tracks are a compilation of voyeur recordings from shows in SL and other recorded media I have been working on. I had no clue I recorded myself until I found them several weeks later. Thank you everyone who supported me. If you’re interested in checking out the status of my cruise ship gig, you can find more information (hopefully some pictures now and then) at one of the following sites:

Google Calendar




Brian Tervo on WordPress


Remembering Cindy



Inside Out



Cantaloupe Island



Inner Urge


Free Jazz


Dear John


MoeCAST Episode 004 – Smily Raymaker

Ladies, Gentlemen, Furries, Tinies, Robots, Vampires, Particle Anomalies, Flexors, Sculpters, Sculpted, Newbies, and last but not least, the Oldies but the Goodies:

Phew that’s a long, incomplete list! My next guest is one of SL’s best kept secrets – Smily Raymaker. She hails from the United Kingdom, and has NEVER performed in public until she came to SL, not more than a few months ago. She is using SL as a vehicle to overcome her fear of crowds, but in my opinion, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t feel like she’s the cat’s pajamas. She has a voice of an angel and a personality to match, so don’t miss out!


Episode 004 – Smily Raymaker
5pm SLT, Thursday, June 14, 2007 – MoeTown

Download.mp3 (29.9 MB)

MoeCAST Episode 003 – Frogg and Jaycatt

I had a fantastic time with these two gentlemen and can’t wait to perform with them at SLCC.

Episode 003 – Frogg and Jaycatt
6pm SLT, Wednesday, June 6, 2007 – MoeTown

Download.mp3 (50.1 MB)


Upcoming MoeCASTs:

Episode 004 – Smily Raymaker
5pm SLT, Thursday, June 14, 2007 – MoeTown



Episode 005 – Astrin Few
5pm SLT, Wednesday, June 20, 2007 – MoeTown



Episode 006 – jueL Resistance
6pm SLT, Wednesday, June 27, 2007 – MoeTown


MoeCAST Episode 002 – Keiko


Episode 002 – Keiko
5pm SLT, Wednesday, May16, 2007 – MoeTown

Download.mp3 (46.3 MB)

Join me for the second episode of the MoeCAST at MoeTown in Bali Hai for some great original music with my very special guest, Keiko Takamura. Keiko has one of the most unique voices among the array of SL singers and songwriters. She comes from a generation that grew up with video games, grungy flannel shirts, and alternative music, all of which drove parents CRAZY. With all teenage angst aside, the 1990s also brought us the Internet, which now binds us all. Keiko’s music is one of a kind, so don’t miss it!


The MoeCAST Premiere – Cylindrian Rutabaga

Episode 001 – Cylindrian Rutabaga
5pm SLT, Wednesday, April 4, 2007 – MoeTown

Download.mp3 (35.4 MB)

Tonight is no ordinary night when event searching becomes old and
tedious, you think you have seen everything, and a regular Second Life
performance won’t do. This is no ordinary performance.

Tonight marks the start of something fresh with my very lovely and insanely talented guest Cylindrian Rutabaga. Her presence in Second Life has created a high standard for vocalists, pianists, and guitarists alike because she plays all three incredibly well. I will be interviewing Cylindrian, from Buffalo, NY to Atlanta, GA, asking her about her past and the music that has inspired her, while getting to listen to her perform some of it. Who knows, maybe she’ll let me sit in? You’ll have to come see for yourself at MoeTown Productions in Bali Hai.