A Going Away Present

Since I’m leaving for six months, I thought I’d give everyone something to listen to while I’m gone. The following tracks are a compilation of voyeur recordings from shows in SL and other recorded media I have been working on. I had no clue I recorded myself until I found them several weeks later. Thank you everyone who supported me. If you’re interested in checking out the status of my cruise ship gig, you can find more information (hopefully some pictures now and then) at one of the following sites:

Google Calendar




Brian Tervo on WordPress


Remembering Cindy



Inside Out



Cantaloupe Island



Inner Urge


Free Jazz


Dear John


Music Business

SL LIVE Music Blog » Contract?…. Don’t sign it.

I am deeply saddened by some of the responses in this blog post. Personally, I wouldn’t have signed that version of the contract and I’m glad Slim posted the entry for others to read it and respond. I’m curious to see what the revision is like, but I don’t want to be involved.

The Copyright Act of 1976 should be the document any contract abides by, and given the poor timing and circumstances, much more wording is needed in their contract to make it legit.

Musicians: please protect yourselves and know the law. A book I highly recommend is the Music Business Handbook and Career Guide by David Baskerville, Ph.D.  This book paraphrases and clearly outlines every aspect of the music industry including copyright laws.

I apologize for using Amazon.com, but look at some of the used prices. It says $3.89! I think that is well worth the investment of knowing and protecting your rights as a musician. I believe the latest edition is the 8th, but check Amazon to be sure. I think I gave you the link to the 7th ed. Sorry! I’m too lazy to relink it.

I know I never got to say goodbye to many of you who were listeners and supporters. That’s what music means, to me, despite all of the ugly logistics that might occur (hopefully behind the scenes). I enjoyed playing music that I enjoyed for people who enjoyed it, haha.