Friday, May 25 – Lots of things happening

  • Well I think I have hit the ultimate point of laziness, because I am tired of writing up three lines for every show to go on my front page, plus I have a bunch of regular venues now, so I decided to do a schedule overhaul. You can now find my schedule at . I think there’s even a way to subscribe to the schedule and have notices sent to your email or even text messages on your cell phone! Now there’s no excuse for anyone to ever tell me “Moe, I had no idea when you’re playing.” So now, the schedule is in an even EASIER place to find than the quasi-facilitated front page schedule. Again, every location listed on Google Calendar has a SLURL to teleport to. I decided to start using this because Mozilla Thunderbird has a calendar tool called Lightning and a tool to update Google Calendar from Lightning. I’ve found that this is by far the easiest way to put everything into one solid place.
  • Next, I have decided to start getting the MoeCAST rolling, so I’m going to be on Podshow at Does this mean I’ll stop uploading files to my own server? No. Podshow is just another way I can start archiving the show on a site to get more traffic, both for me, and for my guests. They deserve the best, so I’m working my butt off to get this show onto different sites like Twitter and Talkshoe. I’m not even sure of what the full functionality these sites have to offer, but it’s going to be an interesting trek to find out.
  • FINALLY, I have a show today at Galveston, 5pm SLT. I’ll even have a Google Calendar button to click at the show. Take care folks!

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