For a musician, this site isn’t bad so far. It has a lot of information on it, and it’s pretty clearly laid out. But, where is the MUSIC? I have no idea how to get music up on this page without switching to it over to FTP, which I don’t know how to do either. I’m inept in the eyes of a web designer, but more than capable in the eyes of 98% of musicians out there. Can anyone help? Is there some wordpress functionality I am missing? I just want to put a simple little player on my page that streams a few of my songs just like Myspace. I appreciate anyone’s time.



  1. I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The command is [audio 'file location'] without the quotation marks. So easy…

  2. Hey Moe!! There’s also a free player which I believe you can embed on sites… umm lemme look it up…. meh — it’s here but apparently your way is the only way to put your own stuff up.

    you win 🙂

    and YAY!! What am I, second comment on your blog? 🙂

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